Now that summer is approaching, a myriad of day trips will become possible: days picnicking at the park, visiting the zoo, going to the fair, or possibly even an amusement park. These trips can be a whole lot of fun for the whole family, but a bit cumbersome when you’ve got infants or toddlers. There are so many scenarios to consider, and no parent wants to be caught without something they really need! If you’re coming up on a day trip, here are some tips and some great things to keep in your diaper bag survival kit:

  1. Bring the proper stroller. Okay, so a stroller doesn’t fit inside a diaper bag, but it will likely be the means for carrying it! Because your little ones will be in the stroller for a long duration of the day, it is important that you take many factors into consideration. Making sure that your stroller is the right size for your baby is incredibly important, and of course that the seat is comfortable. There are also some stroller accessories from companies like UPPA baby, like cup holders or toddler ride-along boards that can save you a whole lot of grief on your trip and make things much more convenient. A shade for baby is absolutely essential, as well—particularly on sunny days!
  2. Keep first aid essentials in the bag. Though the word “essentials” is largely interpretable, there are some that immediately may come to mind: sunscreen, (infant safe, DEET-free) bug spray, band aids (because you never know when your older one will have a boo-boo), peroxide or alcohol wipes to clean the scrapes and cuts, and the most important first aid essential is… water. Yes, keeping your kids (and yourself!) properly hydrated on these day trips is absolutely essential. Well hydrated kids are less cranky kids, and well you know how you get when you get in those situations.
  3. Keep snacks for everyone in the bag. We know to throw the baby food into the diaper bag, but we often forget ourselves in the mix. Having healthy snacks for the whole family will prevent crankiness and the scramble to locate (and drop way too much money at) food vendors or fast food restaurants—leading to an overall more pleasant experience for all.

Don’t forget the million other things! Toys, binkies, and of course the diapers. Think you can’t fit it all? Try grabbing a Maclaren stroller organizer to keep it all in order. It is impossible to believe that we will ever have everything that we may need (no parent is perfect, after all)—but preparation reigns supreme in the world of the day trip. Just don’t forget to bring the fun as well!


Beyond chasing the kids around as they crawl their way into off-limits areas around the house, it’s difficult for parents to make the time to keep physically fit. We face so many demands on our time, and leaving the kids at home alone to go on a 20 minute run is quite obviously out of the question. For this reason, it is incredibly valuable to find physical activities to engage in with your baby. Toddlers may be able to keep you running for a while, but with infants it is a whole new ballgame.

One activity you can certainly enjoy with baby is bicycling. With the emergence of a whole line of bike trailers for baby, this is one activity that can be shared safely and effectively to help you get a bit of workout time in. Physical activity has so many great benefits—not just for your body, but for your mind as well! It has been proven time and again that breaking a sweat is a great stress reliever, and with a little one in tow it’s likely that you need that little breather!

There are a variety of different models available from manufacturers such as Burley or Croozer, with ample options to fit whatever your needs may be. Even if you can’t find the time for ample joyrides, you can do you part for the environment as well by making those shorter trips by bike instead of car. Those little changes will be what make a big difference when it comes to how you look and feel. These bike trailers are available for one or two children, have adjustable sun shades and UV protection so that your kids are safe from uncomfortable and dangerous sunburns, and varying amount of storage space—which can be even more convenient than a standard stroller.


For those that prefer running to biking, there are options out there for you as well! The Baby Jogger Switchback Hybrid Bike Trailer-Jogging Stroller is one example of a bike trailer that doubles as a jogging stroller as well. Your little one will be nestled safely inside and you’ll be able to get back to the activity you so love—or want to love! Some of the models offered by Burley, too, can be customized with jogging kits for those that wish to reap the benefits of a great cardio workout.

It is common knowledge that parents have little time for all of this, but thankfully this knowledge has been countered with innovation—and now there is no excuse! Get out there and get the body you want, parent or not.

It’s that time again: the flowers are popping slowly but surely into the sky with their new green buds, the birds are returning from their winter flight to the south, and the temperatures are warming enough for us to get the itch to just get outside. Thoughts move to the great number of walks in the park, the summer trips to the zoo and amusement parks, and the many cookouts that will begin to pile into the schedule. It’s a wonderful time of year, the spring, but it is very important for us to recognize the ways that we have to prepare our little ones for the coming of the nice weather—whether it’s baby’s first spring or not. Making sure we have the equipment we need to ensure baby a safe and enjoyable springtime is incredibly important. Here are a few of these items to consider:

Baby Strollers

Ah, the walks down the street with pups or just to get out of the house are great. Fairs and art shows are equally nice this time of year, but we need to make sure our little one is riding safe. Stroller makers such as Peg Perego make sure to design these systems to fit the needs of the baby—and one of the most important once the weather starts getting warmer is protection against harmful UV rays that the sun so graciously provides. The last thing anyone wants is a crying baby—but a sun-burned, uncomfortable crying baby has got to be even worse. Be sure to purchase a crib that provides ample shade while still providing your little one with some breathing room. After all, a lack of airflow will cause that stroller to be stiflingly hot! Also make sure that your stroller has plenty of room for your diaper bag, and plenty of water for all!

Car Seats

Warmer weather means more trips, and more trips in the car means more potential for accidents. For this reason, it is incredibly important that you make sure your car seat is in top condition. This goes for infant seats, booster seats, and everything in between! If a piece of your car seat is wearing, or clasps are not fitting correctly, it’s time to get a new car seat. Your baby’s safety is definitely worth it! Beyond making sure you have a proper working car seat, installing some protection against the sun in the backseat of your vehicle will also help keep those harmful rays from damaging your poor baby’s skin, particularly during those long car rides. If you’re traveling by bicycle, a Burley bike trailer may be a great way to enjoy the exercise and provide your baby with protection against the elements.

There is no reason you and your little one can’t enjoy the coming of the spring while being safe! Have fun!